Subway Sessions

We ran one Access Audit, one pop-up and three community landscape design workshops to find out how residents of Marks Gate want to change the East Road Subway. People told us their ideas, created Ideas Decorations and hung them on our Christmas Tree, and drew pictures and made collages to illustrate what they want the subway to look like.

An annotated image of the East Road Subway from a meeting of residents at the East Road Baptist Church.


We have collated all of the results from our engagement, and popped them in colourful boxes for your viewing pleasure! The yellow boxes contain comments that were made a few times, the green boxes contain comments that were made about half a dozen times, the red boxes contain comments with well over ten mentions and the blue box has a comment about lighting, which was mentioned nearly twenty times!



When we went on our audit with the Barking and Dagenham Access Group we were able to document some of the problems they identified around the subway. Below is a summary of our findings with the group…



Here are some of the wonderful designs residents came up with when attending our workshops:


A drawing by Marks Gate resident Wendy, showing cut outs of flowers attached to the railings and an extra splash of colour with a new mural along the wall.

A drawing by local resident Pat, showing Whalebone-style lighting at the entrance to the subway and a bollard to slow cycles. Planting adds to the gateway feature. Ornate railings are welcoming and improve the broken barriers currently in place.

Thanks to everyone who got involved in the subway sessions and gave us their ideas. We will be creating concept designs over the coming weeks to deliver to the council. We hope these will help shape future improvements to the subway. To let us know what you think about this and any other changes Sustrans have made to Marks Gate, get in touch:

Louise Gold

Sustrans Senior Project Officer



Telephone: 07879 809 169


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