Winter Wonderland

Sustrans has had a quieter couple of months since the DIY Street Party in September, but we’ve been planning away and getting more people onto bikes. Here are some activities to get involved in during December…

More Activities


More Works

As part of our Community Street Design project, additional funding has been secured from Transport for London to deliver improved cycle and walking accessibility to the heart of the community, approaching from the south, linking Rose Lane with the A12 underpass.

As a result works on widening the footway between Rolls Grove and Padnall Road will begin in early December providing a 4m wide route. New informal crossing points will be provided at Roles Grove, Sheepcotes Road and Padnall Road to assist with pedestrian accessibility and to maintain visibility.


Works will be undertaken in small sections, minimising disruption to local residents and be completed before the Christmas break.

More Results

 “Sustrans has visually enhanced the area and, more importantly, given the community a chance to come together in Marks Gate. The streets are safer and the community is stronger.” Councillor Sam Terry, LBBD


Headline Outcomes * (so far)

  • 65% of respondents said they walked or cycled more as a result of changes in the local area
  • 64% of respondents felt road safety had improved due to  the changes
  • 22% reduction in respondents saying that the speed of traffic is a problem
  • 32% increase in respondents who feel that the area offers space for socialising 
  • 18% reduction in respondents saying that road safety  is a problem
  • 10% increase in respondents who felt they had a say in decisions about the local area

* Baseline surveys conducted in summer 2015. Post surveys and counts conducted at DIY Street Party in September 2016 for interim report.



Results for Traffic*

Rose Lane:

15% decline in average speed of all vehicles

The percentage of vehicles exceeding the 20mph speed limit has reduced. The biggest decline was at the entrances to Rose Lane – 30% drop and 38% drop

Lawn Farm Grove:

17% decline in the number of vehicles using Lawn farm Grove

Padnall Rd:

The percentage of vehicles exceeding the 20mph speed limit has declined by 33% and 36% at each counter

Over 100% increase in the number of vehicles now travelling below 20mph

*Counts carried out in March 2015 and then October 2016


Questions? Send them over… 

If you have any queries please feel free to contact our Marks Gate DIY Streets Project Officer Louise Gold, mobile number 07879 809169 or via email at





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