Rose Lane construction to begin!


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Following a year of intensive community engagement with local residents, businesses, representatives from Marks Gate Infants and Junior Schools, the Church, Police and the Council, designs have been finalised for improvements to Marks Gate. There are options for changes to the Infants School and we wait for confirmation on these. Please get in touch if you are keen to have your say. Construction on Rose Lane is set to begin on 18th April 2016.

We have run 162 hours of community engagement at 60 pop-ups, meetings, design workshops and other activities to find out what problems can be identified and solved for the Marks Gate area. We also delivered newsletters and updates to over 2,400 local homes and properties. You drew pictures, used a model kit to redesign the area, created mind maps, took photos, helped on clean-ups, filled out surveys and got in touch to share your views! We used the data from surveys to create a baseline report, in which we found 43.2% of you want to be able to meet family and friends or socialise in Marks Gate, while 25% of you want to be able to do this outdoors compared to 13% of you who already do.  74.5% of you felt the speed of traffic is a problem in the area and 70% felt Anti-social behaviour is a problem in the area. The pie chart below shows the combined results from discussions at meetings and workshops, with survey data.

A breakdown of problems identified by Marks Gate residents:

Problems Pie

You then came up with recommendations to improve the area. The chart below shows the combined results from discussions at meetings and workshops, with survey data.

A breakdown of recommendations from Marks Gate residents:

Recommendations Chart

We also found out 47.4% of you want to walk more in the next 12 months while 37.5% of you want to cycle more in the next 12 months. Our designs aim to help you do that!

Early in the project you said you didn’t feel safe in the subway, so we made improvements to it with your support. Now it’s time to regenerate the streets. Let us know if you want to help paint the shutters on Rose Lane in the coming weeks or get involved in cycling and walking activities to come.

Contractors aim to finish the works by Summer. For more information, contact Louise: 

Louise Gold

Senior Project Officer – Communities Barking and Daganhem


Mobile number: 07879 809 169

Direct dial: 0207 954 3012


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