Bouncing with good ideas


Huge thanks to everyone who came along and joined us for our last Co-design Feedback session on 10th July. We spoketo over 100 parents and residents whilst smaller residents were lucky enough to enjoy our free bouncy castle!

The main aim of the event was to share some of the discussions from previous designs workshops, which we’ve been holding over the last few months; obviously it’s impossible for everyone in Marks Gate to attend these sessions but we want to make sure we keep sharing what has been discussed with as many community members as possible, through on street pop-up events like this.

Most ideas were positively received by everyone, although there were several concerns raised about initial ideas to use filtered permeability (a road closure to cars and larger vehicles at one end) where Lawn Farm Grove meets Rose Lane. This idea would give pedestrians and cyclists a safer and more accessible crossing point to school and mean cars weren’t able to enter Lawn Farm Grove from Rose Lane. Vehicle access would be from the entrance from Thatch Grove, for both directions, with a designated turning area point. One of the advantages of this would be that the number of vehicles driving in to Lawn Farm Grove would be significantly reduced, as drivers couldn’t use it as a cut through. It would also provide a more people friendly street for children and parents walking up and collecting children outside the Infants school.


We have listened to the fears of residents who live on Lawn Farm Grove and as is to be expected in a truly community led process, we’ve decided not to pursue the idea of filtered permeability at Rose Lane/Lawn Farm Grove. Although a trial of the road closure could reveal andcreate awonderful safe, people friendly street for children and parents attending the school, it might also result in some disruption for residents who already feel plagued by the number of vehicles dropping children off outside the school and at times blocking driveways or parking inconsiderately.

We’ve decided to rethink how we go about improving Lawn Farm Grove and the walking and cycling route to the school from different directions. We will be holding further meetings, discussions and workshops about how to move forward – we hope you’ll be a part of these. DIY Streets Marks Gate is genuinely about you and your neighbours having a say about where you live and making changes to streets and spaces to create more people friendly and liveable neighbourhoods for everyone to enjoy.


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