Let’s Co-design

After listening to lots of feedback from people living in and moving through Marks Gate we have developed a list of four priority areas and some objectives for the improvements.

These have been collated from engagement with parents, shopkeepers, parents, school students, local police team and highway officers from the Council.

Acting on early feedback we organised the Clean Up and subway painting which is already improving thousands of journeys through the East Road subway and making the neighbourhood more people-friendly.

The next step is to take a close look at the four priority areas and work together to design possible solutions. We are inviting you and your neighbours to a series of Co-Design Workshops where we will work with urban designers and traffic engineers to re-imagine streets and spaces chosen by you, in order to tackle the traffic, parking and speeding problems you told us about. Over a series of workshops over the summer we’ll map routes through the area and use 3D model kits to look at different options for crossings, seating, traffic calming and adding identity to Marks Gate.

The aim of these all changes will be to make streets and spaces better for people and easier for walking and cycling in the local neighbourhood.  

We started the co-design process with students from Marks Gate Junior School council who had wonderful ideas about how to brighten up outside the shops, designing a yellow brick road to go to the Park from school and looking at how to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross Rose Lane to Lawn Farm Grove. We will use these ideas as a starting point over the next few months when we’ll be designing with different community groups, giving everyone a chance to have their say.

Initial designs will be drawn up after these workshops and we will look at how to test out and trial different designs – we’ll be asking for your feedback at every stage.

You’re invited to the following design sessions – everyone is welcome, you can come to just one or all of the workshops.


Wednesday 20th May 9am – 11am: Marks Gate Community Centre

Wednesday 10th June 2pm – 4pm: Pop up session Rose Lane shops

Saturday 13th June – Marks Gate Day 


More dates coming for June, July and August to be confirmed soon.

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