What is DIY Streets?

DIY Streets is a Sustrans project. It’s all about getting residents and members of the community (that’s you!) involved in making decisions about the streets and public spaces in your neighbourhood. It’s a project which (over two years) will make some improvements (designed by you and your neighbours) to key junctions and crossing points to make the neighbourhood safer, more attractive and better for walking and cycling. The changes hope to refocus the streets around people, not cars.

What problems can this project help with? 

This project can help to:

  • tackle dangerous crossing points like zebra’s where cars are late to slow down or don’t stop at all
  • tackle rat running in residential streets by reducing speed of vehicles using innovative traffic calming methods
  • increase space for people waiting outside school gates
  • tackle dangerous parking at school pick up and drop off times
  • transform unloved spaces in the neighbourhood by creating areas for play, green space or planting
  • make it easier to cross the roads where you want to be able to cross
  • reduce street clutter
  • ensure spaces feel safe by adding lighting, tackling anti-social behaviour and community art
  • bring people in the community together to make decisions about their area
  • make sure everyone in the community has opportunities to engage with the project in a variety of ways and tell us what they think
  • make spaces in the community work better for people by making changes like adding rubbish bins or benches where appropriate
  • work together with residents to tackle specific problems like fly-tipping, dog poo and rubbish.

What does success look like? 

This project will be successful if:

  • we have good and representative levels of community members attending and involved in the decision making process
  • we tackle the traffic concerns problems residents tell us about in the engagement phase by either slowing traffic speeds, reducing traffic volume and making sure residents feel changes in the area have made it safer and more attractive

Who are Sustrans? 

Sustrans are the UK’s leading sustainable transport charity. We enable people to choose healthier, cleaner and cheaper journeys. You can read more about what we do on our website here. For the duration of this project though your contact person and project coordinator is Phillippa Banister, available Tuesday – Friday 8am-6pm on 07789 653888 or 020 7780 7205 or email [phillippa.banister@sustrans.org.uk] and she will be happy to hear from you..

How much does it cost and who is paying? 

This project is being paid for by Transport for London under the allocation Barking and Dagenham Council receive under their Local Implementation Plan or (LIP). The budget available for these changes is approximately £250,000.

How can I get involved? 

There will be may ways and opportunities for you to get involved in this project moving forward and the more you and your neighbours want to get involved the better the results will be. You are the expert in the area where you live and you are the best person to tell us what changes will improve the neighborhood making it safer, more attractive and more liveable for everyone to enjoy.



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